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Iota Unum Talk 9 (Part 2) : What is a Catholic Community? - Family life, Asceticism, and Contemplation. Prof Robert Lazu Kmita talks to Joseph Shaw
Sep 10th, 2021 by LatinMassSociety at 4:28 pm

Prof. Lazu Kmita is a Catholic philosopher and writer living in Romania. His works can be seen on the Academia website (English C.V. here); he has also written for The Remnant (e.g. here), Gregorius Magnus (e.g. on p. 32 here), Polonia Christiana (Poland), Radici Cristiane (Italy), Second Spring (Oxford) and many other journals. Also known as a Tolkien scholar, he is the author of a massive Encyclopedia of J.R.R. Tolkien's World (available only in Romanian) and many monographs, studies and articles. The Romanian edition of his first novel, Insula fără anotimpuri (The Island without Seasons) has been released in 2019. The Spanish edition, entitled La Isla del Laberinto (The Island of the Labyrinth), is also available since March, 2021 (here). The English edition will be published next year (2022).


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