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Iota Unum Talk 3 : Spirituality of the Amazon and the Traditional Latin Mass - Joseph Shaw in conversation with Daniel Dolley
Dec 15th, 2020 by LatinMassSociety at 4:06 pm

Daniel Dolley holds a DPhil in Social Anthropology from the University of Oxford. He has studied indigenous religions within the Amazon region, and also on the western side of the Andes where he conducted his own ethnographic field research. The indigenous cultures of these two lowland regions have much in common and are distinct from those of the Andes.

Daniel’s article in the Catholic Herald, which anticipates some of the themes of this podcast in relation to the controversial Amazon Synod of October 2019, can be seen here; a letter in response to his article, from Dr Pia Joliffe reflecting on her similar experiences in Chiang Mai in Thailand, is reproduced here. Following the Amazon Synod the Holy Father gave his response to it in the document Querida Amazonia, which Daniel commented on in a further article for the Catholic Herald, reproduced here. For the full text of the Amazon Synod see here.

For more of Daniel’s writing visit his profile: Daniel J Dolley

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