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Iota Unum Talk 4 : Attacks on the Family within the Church - Sebastian Morello in Conversation with Maria Madise
Dec 24th, 2020 by LatinMassSociety at 8:44 am

Maria Madise works for Voice of the Family and is the editor of their monthly magazine Calx Mariae

Among other things, Maria discusses the original ‘schemata’ presented to the Second Vatican Council, which were intended as the first drafts of Council documents. Nearly all of these schemata were rejected, when the more progressive Council Fathers sought to gain control of the Council’s organisation.

The schema on Chastity, Marriage, the Family and Virginity represents a very useful summary of the magisterium on these closely related topics, and can be seen in English here.

Maria also drew attention to an initiative of Voice of the Family, Our Lady of the Rosary Family Catechism, a video programme of the entire Baltimore Catechism, presented by Fr Anthony Pillari, and to Bishop Athanasius Schneider’s ‘Twelve Steps to Surviving as a Catholic Family’.

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