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Daniel Dolley holds a DPhil in Social Anthropology from the University of Oxford. He has studied indigenous religions within the Amazon region, and also on the western side of the Andes where he conducted his own ethnographic field research. The indigenous cultures of these two lowland regions have much in common and are distinct from those of the Andes.

Daniel’s article in the Catholic Herald, which anticipates some of the themes of this podcast in relation to the controversial Amazon Synod of October 2019, can be seen here; a letter in response to his article, from Dr Pia Joliffe reflecting on her similar experiences in Chiang Mai in Thailand, is reproduced here. Following the Amazon Synod the Holy Father gave his response to it in the document Querida Amazonia, which Daniel commented on in a further article for the Catholic Herald, reproduced here. For the full text of the Amazon Synod see here.

For more of Daniel’s writing visit his profile: Daniel J Dolley

In the Second of the Latin Mass Society's Iota Unum Series, Dr John Rao speaks with Dr Shaw on the destruction of New York in Lockdown, on the impact of the recent riots in the USA and Jacobinism and the French Revolution.

John Rao received his DPhil from Oxford University, and for many years has been Associate Professor at St John’s University, New York. He is also the Director of the Roman Forum which was founded by Dietrich von Hildebrand. Among other things the Roman Forum organises an annual (in normal times) Summer Symposium in the northern Italian town of Gardone Riviera. This is a major gathering of traditionally-minded Catholic writers and academics from all over Europe and North America, whose proceedings have also appeared in book form, notably Luther and His Progeny which is edited by Dr Rao.

A great many of Dr Rao’s talks can be downloaded (for a small fee) from the Keep the Faith website associated with the Latin Mass Magazine; the Roman Forum Church History Lectures are available on SoundCloud, and a huge number of articles and other writings can be found on the Dr Rao’s website For the Whole Christ.

Dr Rao’s lectures have also found their way into book form, notably his Centenary Meditation on a Quest for Purification Gone Mad. Other recent books of his include a discussion of the history of the Church, Black Legends and the Light of the World and Removing the Blindfold: Nineteenth Century Catholics and the Myth of Modern Freedom.

What is the relationship between Gregorian Chant and prayer.

Matthew is the Director of Music at Mayfield School and a Regional Director of Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge. A Cambridge graduate, with a doctoral thesis on twelfth-century chant, he was involved in singing Gregorian Chant at the Catholic Chaplaincy, Fisher House, and has since then done much to support chant in both Forms of the Roman Rite, with singing and training as well as lectures around the country.

Anyone wanting to hear more of Matthew can listen to a series of podcasts featuring on Radio Maria England: "The Rosary in Music" (search here).

Those interested in Gregorian Chant can find a huge amount of material on the website of the Church Music Association of America, (resources page).

The superior of the Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer (the Transalpine Redemptorists), based at Golgotha Monastery on the Orkney island of Papa Stronsay. A completely Traditional Order, their canonical status was regularised after having reconciled with the Holy See following Summorum Pontificum, having previously worked for many years with the SSPX.

Chris Hodkinson is the director of the Schola Gregoriana of Cambridge, one of the leading influences in the revival of Gregorian Chant in England in recent years.

From Kazakhstan, Bishop Schneider is well known as the author of Dominus Est - It is the Lord! - a defence of the traditional manner of receiving Communion.

Professor Thomas Pink is a lecturer at King's College, London, and is known for his work on the fraught topic of religious liberty.

The critically acclaimed author of several biographies of Catholic literary figures, including Chesterton, Belloc, Tolkien and Oscar Wilde, as well as Literary Converts - the conversion stories of a string of early 20th century English writers who were received into the Catholic Church. He has recently written his autobiography 'Race with the Devil' - the story of his conversion from a papist-hating member of the National Front to a devout Catholic.

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